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Mp3 file My Body Is a Clock

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Mp3 file of the track My Body Is a Clock along with lyrics and other little surprises sent to you by email!


About the song

This song about involuntary childlessness is based on my own experiences during the four and a half years of trying to get pregnant. Peter and I were some of the lucky ones who succeeded at the end after numerous treatments, and I gave birth to our Viktor last summer. So this is not an attempt to get pity. I know that some try even longer and some don’t succeed. But I want to tell my own story about this struggle because it has become part of who I am today. It was an inner struggle between heart and mind- battling with an inevitable ghost called time. 


You support reforestation:

When purchasing this song you will support the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted and plant a tree somewhere in the world where it's very much needed. You will receive an email with the music mp3 file and your very own tree certificate from One Tree Planted stating where in the world you have planted your tree.