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Mp3 file Pirate's Blind Date

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Mp3 file of the track Pirate's Blind Date along with lyrics and other little surprises sent to you by email!


About the song

RUNAEs latest new single, Pirate's Blind Date (November 2021), is a journey to the old worlds. What Runae says about this song: "My inspiration for this song comes from my own passion for old tales, mystery, and adventure movies. I made up the story when I was in France this summer, and I got inspired by the old villages, ruins, and wild nature. It made me think of a place with villains and heroes. A place where the forbidden can be law, and only the imagination sets limits. In this song you'll find yourself captured in a dance with your own fate in a timeless mysterious world. Your shadow is playing tricks on you. I hope this song will help you get an even closer look into my head and see where my passion, thoughts, and ideas can take me. I really hope you will like it and join me on this journey to Pirate land!


You support reforestation: 

When purchasing this song you will support the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted and plant a tree somewhere in the world where it's very much needed. You will receive an email with the music mp3 file and your very own tree certificate from One Tree Planted stating where you have planted your tree!