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Mp3 file Uncharted Places

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Mp3 file of the track Uncharted Places along with lyrics and other little surprises sent to you by email!


About the song

Uncharted Places is part of Runae's EP, Little Moon, released during the fall of 2020. What Runae says about this song: "In difficult times- both in relationships and in general- it has always helped me to go to this other place inside my head- a sort of gatekeeper of my dreams, hopes and future. It's not like running away from problems and not dealing with them, but more like running away into yourself to find steady ground. The uncharted place is a place where all your worries are washed away, and everything is perfect. It's like your secret little island".


You support reforestation:

When purchasing this song you will support the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted and plant a tree somewhere in the world where it's very much needed. You will receive an email with the music mp3 file and your very own tree certificate from One Tree Planted stating where in the world you have planted your tree.