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Song/poem collection

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Your own personalized USB key with my new song/poem collection of raw demos along with lyrics and other little surprises for you!


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WELCOME to my "special version" song/poem collection!

I call it a “special version” because this is a release of raw demos of the collection that I have made myself at home. The idea behind releasing the demos is that I want you to follow the process of making these songs from scratch. In that way you can hear and see my ideas “unpolished” so to speak. I know these are not perfect productions, but I also plan to develop these songs into more professional productions that I will release on the various streaming platforms at a later stage.

The collection is inspired by my curiosity about our different sides of human nature and ways of existing in life. It’s a reflection of my own development as a human being based on my own experiences and observations. It’s about judgement, fear, isolation, loneliness, regret, passion and love.

I have written and produced all the demos in my home studio in Hundested, Denmark.


When you buy the USB key with the song/poem collection you will support the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted and plant 3 trees somewhere in the world where it's very much needed. You will get your very own Tree certificate from One Tree Planted stating where in the world you have planted your trees!