My Body is a Clock (teaser)


    RUNAE (Christina Aaquist), 39, is a musical artist from Denmark, Scandinavia. She came out with her first music release in the beginning of 2020, and ever since she has spent the time in her home studio writing songs and teaching herself music production from scratch. 

    Runae writes songs about duality and the hidden. It's all about the dark sides that are inevitably connected to basic human emotions; the dreams that stay unfulfilled, frustrations of human existence, and about love when it becomes an obsession and a power play. The premise is that there are several perspectives of a seemingly simple matter - there is always a hidden story and a level of complexity. 

    The musical universe changes between danceable with elements from 80s and 90s pop and more melancholy moods - but always with a dreamy, dramatic and mystical sound.

    Runae lives with her family in Hundested (Denmark), an authentic old fishing village surrounded by the ocean and raw nature.

  • Flow of nature and Secret love

    A reoccuring theme for Runae is the cycles of nature and how they affect the everchanging minds of all people. The artist name, RUNAE, stems from the Nordic name, Runa, which means "to flow" and "secret love". Runae sees this as a symbol of the flow of nature and the hidden stories and secrets we all carry within us. Two elements that affect us from the outside and the inside.

    Runae started taking singing lessons in the beginning of 2019. She was encouraged to start writing her own songs, and she quickly realized that she wanted to do something serious about her dreams of making music. It became an outlet for creative expression that had been hiding beneath the surface for many years.

    Just before giving birth to her son in 2022, Runae released a little demo collection. A project about judgement, isolation, loneliness, regret and passion- a general curiosity about our different sides of human nature and ways of existing in life.

    Runae is now out with her new release My Body Is a Clock about involuntary childlessness- based on her own experiences.

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